Seido Karate London was founded in 1991 by Sensei Julie Hughey, Kyoshi Ceri Evans and Kyoshi John Esposito.

We started training in Fulham at the Sands End Community Centre, and moved in 1994 to the Arts Educational Schools in Turnham Green.

"London Dojo: Historical Perspectives" 10th Anniversary booklet (13 October 2001)

Although the founding members have since returned to their native New Zealand their legacy remains with our current dojo heads, Kyoshi Bede Brosnahan and Kyoshi Matt Sherratt, who are also originally from New Zealand.

We are a non-profit making club, and our instructors are not paid to teach. Our fees are therefore extremely competitive.

Nowadays the club is notable for the wide range of students we have training with us. For example, countries represented in the dojo include France, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Scotland, and, of course, England. This, plus the good range of ages and the fact that we have a strong female membership, gives the dojo a cosmopolitan and friendly atmosphere. After training, we often end up at the local pub to reinforce the kizuna (friendships) which have formed after many training sessions together.


Kyoshi Bede Brosnahan and Kyoshi Matt Sherratt have the honour to jointly leader of the Chiswick dojo which is now into its 20th year. The list of the regular instructors is as follows:

Kyoshi Bede Brosnahan

Kyoshi Bede heads up Seido Karate Chiswick and has over 20 years experience in martial arts. He has a wide range of experience coaching and mentoring through his work. Sensei Bede started training in New Zealand under Hanshi Renzie Hanham and regularly trains at Honbu under Kaicho.


Kyoshi Matt Sherratt

Kyoshi Matt heads up the children's program which has grown significantly over the last few years. Sensei Matt has over 20 years experience training in both New Zealand and USA before joining the Chiswick dojo.


Sensei Robin Dawson

Sensei Robin has been teaching the children's program since it was started at Chiswick. He has been training at Seido for over 15 years. Sensei Robin takes the Monday evening Children's Class.



Full Black Belt list:
Bede Brosnahan Thierry Serafin-Naderau
Matt Sherratt Daniel Norris
  Johanne Serafin
Yondan Torsten Burkhardt
Mark Eade Stephen Norris
Robin Dawson Bridget Lavin
Kelly Warner Thessa St Pierre
  David Bryant
Scott Munro Junior Shodan
Sarah Costello Boris St Pierre
Dario Crispini Eva Sherratt
Brian Massey Kal Dewing
John Whittaker  
Patrice Munro  
Nats Curtis  
Julie Hosking  
Kim Hoenselaar  
Shin Nishitani  
Peter Grant  
Daphne Yao