Fees - Adults

New members are welcome to train without paying for two or three classes. You can purchase a Beginner's pack for £75 which includes fees, your insurance, a Gi (karate uniform), belt, and Seido patches.This entitles you to all classes until the first grading.

After your first grading, fees are £30 per month and include our insurance with the National Association of Karate and Martial Arts Schools ( NAKMAS )


Fees - Children

Fees are £20 per month which includes all lessons, first Gi (karate uniform), belt and Seido patches. It also includes our martial arts insurance and WSKO membership.

There are discounts available for families multiple family members training - please speak to one of the instructors for further details.

Which class you should attend

There are designated classes on Monday night for beginners. You are welcome to join the basics class on Saturday morning as well. And after you have tried a couple of classes, you can start attending on Wednesday night.

What you should wear

Karate students train in bare feet. You should wear loose fitting clothing that will allow you to kick, punch and stretch in. If you decide to train regularly, you will need to purchase a 'gi' (a karate uniform). These can be bought from any martial arts shop, but we can also arrange purchase of these for you at a discounted rate. You will also need two badges for your gi, which can be purchased through the club.

What to expect

Probably the most unusual aspect of a martial art for a complete beginner is the etiquette in the dojo (training hall), and the constant use of the word 'osu'. The word 'osu' has many meanings. It comes from 'oshi shinobu' which means 'have patience', but we use it to mean 'hello' and 'yes' - and many other things too. At the beginning of class we kneel down to formally begin the training. A series of bows will follow. There is no religious significance to the bowing whatsoever. It is simply following the Japanese custom of bowing out of respect for our seniors; in this case, those who have trained longer than us in karate.

What to do when you arrive

Take off your shoes and come into the room. Please go up to any of our students, explain you are there for your first class, and they will help you.